Seamless gutter

Most popular gutter types

5" Gutter - K style

5" Gutter (K-style)

Capacity of 900 square feet per downspout.

Most medium-to-small residential homes in American use this standard 5" K-Style aluminum or copper gutter profile. The name "K Style" comes from the outer shape of the gutter, which vaguely represents the letter "K."

Choose from our selection of colors to match perfectly with your home.

6" Gutter

6" Gutter (K-style)

Capacity of 1500 square feet per downspout.

A 6" Gutter is typically used in commercial applications. These gutters are sometimes used on a roof with a particularly steep pitch, which would benefit from a larger gutter.

Choose from our selection of colors to match perfectly with your home.

Half-Round Gutter

Half-Round Gutter

As the name implies, half-round gutters are defined by their shape. Instead of being more square shaped, half round gutters are rounded, like pipe that has been cut lengthwise. This type of gutter can often be seen on an older style home to fit with the exterior appearance.

Due to different coil material properties all dimensions may vary slighlty

Gutters that
hold up to 260 lbs

With our seamless gutter installation, Miller Seamless uses hidden hangers and wood grip screws to ensure our gutters last a long time. We use Raytec Hangtite Hidden hangers to support the weight of the gutter and any flowing water, up to 260 lbs. Wood grip screws are ceramic-coated screws that are specially designed to fasten aluminum to wood.

Common gutter concerns

There are two questions we hear a lot from our customers

Trash can icon

Do I have to dispose of my old gutters?

No. We believe that a job well done is one that leaves no evidence of our work, except for the clean lines of your new seamless gutters. After Miller Seamless installs your new gutters, our crew cleans the area thoroughly so no mess is left behind. We load any old gutter and spout materials into our truck to dispose of them properly.

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Will gutters cause ice dams?

No. Seamless gutters do not cause ice dams. Ice dams occur when snow buildup melts, then refreezes when temperatures plummet. After several days of this, the water can form a ridge of ice over the Soffit, which can be significant enough to cause water retention on the roof behind it. In most cases, ice dams are the result of inadequate insulation and/or ventilation of the home. A properly insulated and ventilated home not only prevents ice dams from happening, it helps save money in heating and cooling costs.

What to expect with Miller's Seamless Spouting

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