Frequently Asked Questions

Custom fit spouting on house

Are there different styles of gutters?
Yes, we offer K-style aluminum and copper gutters which are seamless. We also offer half round aluminum, copper and galvanized gutters which are not seamless.

Are there different size gutters?
Yes, there are 5” gutters used for residential and 6” gutters used primarily for commercial use.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured! Certificates of insurance can be provided upon request.

How long will it take to install new gutters?
Job times vary from one project to the next. It may take a few hours or a couple of days. Most residential projects are completed in one day.

How soon can you do the installation?
Generally the job can be done within a week after the proposal has been accepted.

Do I have to dispose of my old gutters?
No, after the job is completed, our crews clean the work area so as not to leave a mess. The gutters and downspouts that were removed from your house are loaded in our truck and disposed of properly. We believe that you should not see anything of our work when we are finished except the clean lines of your new seamless gutters.

Do you repair old gutters?
No, gutter repair is rarely successful, and your investment is far better made in new gutters. We do offer repair service on any gutter we have installed.

Will gutters cause ice dams?
No, seamless gutters do not cause ice dams. Significant amounts of money have been spent trying to solve the ice dam problem. Ice dams occur when snow buildup melts during the day and refreezes when temperatures drop overnight. Snow melt on the roof is assisted by heat-loss through the attic. The water from the snow melts then refreezes when it reaches the cold surface over the Soffit, where it begins to form a ridge of ice. After several days of this melting-freezing cycle, the ridge of ice can become significant enough to retain water on the roof behind it. Ice dams are typically the result of inadequate insulation and/or ventilation. Properly installed insulation will reduce the heat-loss into attic space from living-space, however, ventilation is the most often overlooked factor. Keeping the attic space well ventilated will maintain a cool dry underside of the roof. This will discourage the melting of the snow on the roof from any heat-loss. A properly insulated and ventilated attic will not only prevent ice-damming, it will save money in heating and cooling costs.

There are other instances when areas of roofs are shaded and other areas are exposed by the sun. The snow melts when exposed by the sun. The snow melts when exposed by the sun and water runs down the roof to the areas that are shaded and freezes. As stated before, the ridge of ice can become significant enough to retain water on the roof behind it and cause leaking into your home.

Do you require a down payment?
No, payment in full is due upon completion of the job.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept Mastercard and Visa.

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